Our Story & Ethos

Founder Story
People often say you build the products you need, and for our founder, Divya this has been exactly true. Heartfull was born out of necessity, when as a hardworking pharmacist on ward rounds she struggled to find nourishing, tasty snacks. Our shifts were always long, and I needed easy things to eat on the go, that would deliver long lasting energy, but I can’t stand bland food, my Indian heritage won’t allow it! I was frustrated by the lack of options, and started to bake treats of my own, experimenting with different nut types, to find the most absorption with the best flavour combinations. Soon everyone was asking for a box, I guess it was the eureka moment for me. Realising that I could bring my pharmaceutical know-how to nutrition and build something tasty and unique. 


Snacks Sprinkled in Science
How you ask? Well, our magic approach is nestled in a little known sweet spot where food and science meet. Because, being fastidious about flavour, means sweating the small stuff; tweaking the recipes, testing the surface absorption, and cooking each batch at home, hundreds of times to get it just right. Divya, our pharmacist-come-founder knows this better than anyone. Each recipe is worked on in her kitchen for months before it makes it to the real world. And every single recipe we produce is the result of her quest to balance a passion for flavour, alongside an encyclopaedic knowledge of our nutritional needs. 


100% Well Made & 100% Made Well 
As makers in today’s world, it’s important to know that our products are doing good, as well as tasting good. We focus on processes that ensure the most nourishment for the least environmental impact, which means putting every step of our production under the microscope. We’ve built partnerships with some amazing farmers and makers, whose values align with our own, and these partnerships enable us to produce pesticide & preservative free products, all made here in the U.K, using a predominantly solar energy. 


A Deliciously Different Approach 
We often say this brand is for anyone who’s ever spent a few minutes in the corner shop trying to resist the temptation of oil coated, deep fried, thinly sliced potatoes. Well, now, you can cash in the chips for something deliciously different. A product that’s rich and tonal in flavour, satiating and energising in substance, and healthy and natural in make-up.